36Kr WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Gold List Released, Rancher Selected as the Only Container Company

On June 24, 2020, Rancher Labs (hereinafter referred to as Rancher), the creator of the most widely used Kubernetes management platform in the industry, announced that Rancher was selected as one of the best cloud solutions for WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Gold List by 36Kr, a well-known venture capital media. Rancher is the only container management software provider in the list.

The 36Kr WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Gold List is based on the resources of more than 800,000 enterprise libraries, and the deep connection capabilities of six new economic communities based on the long-term service of startups, TMT giants, traditional enterprises, institutional investors, local governments, and individual users. The company selection launched in the enterprise service field aims to find high-quality companies on multiple enterprise service tracks to help the supply and demand sides of the enterprise service field to shorten the enterprise service decision cycle, reduce trial and error costs, and improve application efficiency. It is reported that there are more than 400 enterprise service companies participating in this selection, with nearly 2.5 million effective users voting.

“We are very honored to be selected as one of the best solutions under WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Gold List cloud service with many of Rancher’s domestic partners such as Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc. This is a powerful testimony of Rancher cloud computing strength.” Rancher China CEO Qin Xiaokang said: “Rancher is the industry’s only multi-cluster Kubernetes management platform that can meet enterprise’s infrastructure, providing companies with simple and easy-to-use options that are not tied to any cloud provider. Kubernetes has become the key pillar of the enterprise’s digital transformation. As the only container service provider selected, Rancher fully reflects its unique value and influence in promoting the enterprise’s landing on Kubernetes.”

Rancher was founded in 2014 by Liang Sheng, the father of CloudStack. It is an industry-leading provider of enterprise-class container management software that helps users easily and uniformly manage Kubernetes clusters running on data centers, clouds, branches, and edges.

The flagship product Rancher is the industry’s most widely used Kubernetes management platform, with more than 300 million global core mirroring downloads worldwide and over 40,000 well-known corporate customers. Lightweight Kubernetes distribution K3s is currently the world’s largest user of lightweight K8S distribution, and it is also the most popular K8S solution for edge computing in the open source community.

In addition, Rancher has carried out a series of extensions and explorations around the Kubernetes ecosystem. It has launched Longhorn , an enterprise-grade cloud-native container storage solution, Submariner, a cross-Kubernetes cluster network encrypted communication solution, and Kubernetes-based application deployment engine Rio, the industry’s first Kubernetes operating system K3OS, the industry’s first massive Kubernetes cluster management project Fleet.

It is particularly worth mentioning that, in order to help users clear the obstacles to using and landing Rancher in China, Rancher re-compiles Rancher 2.x Chinese documents for domestic users and provides “How to use Rancher elegantly in China”, “Official usage guides such as the correct way to open the Rancher community. Based on the same ideas and beliefs, in order to help domestic enterprises better use Kubernetes, Rancher has launched enterprise version Rancher products that are more in line with local operating habits for Chinese enterprise customers, and a “software-defined edge” solution based on K3s.

In addition to continued optimism and investment in products and solutions, Rancher is also committed to creating an open and win-win technology ecosystem for enterprises. At present, Rancher has reached in-depth cooperation with leading vendors such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud , Baidu Cloud , Ping An Cloud , F5 , AWS , SmartX , Virtai Tech, and has joined the Nvidia Inception Program and the Edge Computing Consortium, Baidu AI Accelerator and a series of ecological alliances, to help enterprises land on Kubernetes as the core, to create a simple and easy-to-use and strong technical ecology for users.

Thanks to Rancher’s unique company positioning and product value proposition, since its establishment, Rancher has attracted the attention of research institutions and consulting firms, and is a star enterprise in the container field.

In 2015, Rancher was awarded the Best Open Source Data Center and Cloud Software by InfoWorld, and won the Black Duck 2015 Open Source Rookie Honor Award. In 2016, Rancher was selected as one of CRN’s 10 coolest Cloud startups.

In 2017, Rancher was selected as Gartner’s 2017 Cool Vender Report on Cloud Infrastructure , and was selected as one of the four “Cool Vendors in Cloud Infrastructure”, and was named CRN’s 10 Coolest Open Source Products in the same year, and 10 Coolest Container Technology Startups.

In 2018, Rancher was rated as the world’s eight leading providers of enterprise container platforms by Forrester Research, a world-renowned research organization. Rancher was located in the top-ranked ” outstanding leader field”, and was selected by CRN as the Hottest DevOps Startups in 2018.

In 2019, Rancher was rated as ” Sample Vendor ” in 5 reports of the Hype Cycle published by the authoritative IT research and consulting service firm Gartner. In addition, in recognition of Rancher’s pioneering innovation on Kubernetes and its outstanding contribution to the container technology market, Rancher was voted ” 451 Firestarter ” by 451 Research.

At the beginning of 2020, Rancher was named the Forbes Best North American Startup Company Employer in 2020, and was named in Top 3 of Nicereply 2020 Customer Happiness List. Recently, Rancher China was selected as one of the Top 30 Cloud Computing Vendors in China issued by ifenxi, and the Top 27 Edge Computing in China by CB Insights.

The selection of the 36Kr WISE 2020 Enterprise Service Gold List once again validated the growing market demand for Kubernetes by enterprises, as well as Rancher’s unique company positioning and product value proposition in the container field and Kubernetes ecosystem.

“Under the vigorous development of Kubernetes and its ecology, Rancher will continue to use its technologically advanced product advantages and cooperate with more domestic technology ecological enterprises.” Qin Xiaokang concluded: “Ultimately provide enterprises with multi-cloud and under different IT infrastructure the computing power. Rancher drives computing everywhere.”

Source (Chinese): https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/wEzkq8tVI98V3KRsXMdw4g