MegaPro Biomedical was awarded the Start-up Award in the 13th National Innovation Award

May 27, 2019 The outstanding core technology of niche nanomedicine, iron oxide nanoparticles developed by “MegaPro Biomedical”, a biotechnology start-up by ITRI, as well as the future nano-micelle drug carrier received the Start-up Award in the 13th National Innovation Award. After its spin-off from ITRI in 2015, the team in MegaPro Biomedical has been actively […]

MegaPro, Outstanding performance from MegaPro Biomedical, the contrast agent has received approval by FDA for Phase II of clinical trial

The MPB-1523 MRI contrast agent developed by “MegaPro Biomedical”, a start-up from ITRI, showed rapid progress. Despite having established for only 3 years, MegaPro Biomedical obtained the approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct Phase II of the clinical trial for its contrast agent. The contrast agent has passed the Investigational […]